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In addition to my own work, I also offer freelance editing services, from developmental editing to final proofreading. During my graduate studies at Chatham University, my coursework emphasized craft and the importance of good storytelling. My professional experience has spanned being a graduate assistant to college writing classes to, most recently, developmental editing on a memoir manuscript. I've been an associate editor on my MFA program's literary journal Fourth River, and I'm currently both a reader and fact-checker for Creative Nonfiction Magazine, where I get to be some of the first to stumble across truly incredible pieces. That is one of the main reasons I'm here to offer my editing services—the joy of manifesting great writing alongside you. 

I'm a self-proclaimed grammar nerd with an attention to detail so precise that I often catch extra spaces in published books (a curse, really). I have strong opinions about the Oxford comma, but am willing to budge given a persuasive argument. I'm also a big picture thinker who will use string and index cards to make a flexible timeline so I can best understand the sequence of events in your work. 

I'm primarily drawn to writing that engages with place, whether that's an understanding of self you come to realize on a snow-polished ridge top or observations from the stairwell of your apartment building. I believe that our surroundings reflect our interiors and vice versa; I love writing that tangles metaphors with the real world, that sees our existence as part as a larger whole. I'm particularly committed to elevating underrepresented voices, especially women, LGBTQIA+ folks, and people with disabilities/chronic illness, which are experiences I relate to. 

I prioritize good communication, whether that's me outlining what my editing process looks like or you describing what you're looking for in an editor. Above all, I strive for strong communication that comes across in the writing itself—a good story lifted up by well-crafted and well-grounded language.

Currently, I offer developmental editing, research and fact-checking, copyediting, and proofreading for nonfiction pieces of all lengths. Please contact me at sarahcapdevillemt[at] for more information, and so I can get to know your writing too.

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