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Hydroxychloroquine Is Already a Life-Saving Medication

This morning, I woke up short of breath, my body fatigued with a hot ache. In the time of coronavirus, these symptoms raise alarm, but as a Montanan living with chronic illness, waking up feeling sick is a reality I face most days.
The Missoulian, The Daily Inter Lake, Bozeman Gazette, and others.
April 2020

When the Outdoors Are the Exception

The group of women approaching me on the path is clearly at ease, walking shoulder to shoulder on the double-track, snow-stacked mountains glowing to the north. I came here with my dog seeking similar release, except that I’ve only found sparks to a constant, smoldering fury.
The Daily Montanan
March 2021

Fear as Place,

Home as Refuge

Yesterday, on the eve of Montana’s transition to a Gianforte administration and a state legislature whose majority has recklessly opposed any coronavirus safety measures, my partner and I drove down the Bitterroot to the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge just outside of Stevensville. 
Originally in The Montana Post (site now retired)
January 2021
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